We give you options

Being a patient at Elite Pharmacy gives you options. One of our biggest and most valued options is which way you prefer your meds to be organized. Just like most pharmacies, we offer medication to be dispelled in vials. These are your ordinary bottles with each medication.

What makes us different from most pharmacies is the ability to organize your medication in packs. A pack is similar to a small book that contains all your medication. If you choose to use our packs, you will receive 4 packs a month, one for each week.

They will be organized by each day and time you take your meds. The packs include colored pictures and descriptions of each medication you take. On the top of the pack will be the days of the week from Sunday-Saturday and the side of the pack will list the times of the day you may take your meds—morning, noon, evening, and bedtime. We fill each pack based on the instructions given to us by your doctor.

All our vials and packs are offered in English, Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

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